• Our mission: To provide „the best“ high-end and upper-middle class properties together with skilled analysis of market opportunities and sound real estate advice to international and local investors, buyers and tenants in the city of Sarajevo.
  • Our vision: To become leading real estate agency in the city and reach international high-end markets for our clients.



  • Values: Selling and renting properties in Sarajevo is our specialty. Confidential while maintaining open and straightforward communication toward our business partners and clients lead to highest level of service. Honorable and professional attitude is our business code of conduct and it is recognized by both foreign and local market stakeholders.
  • Our clients: Our clients will always look for the best service, and for us, every one of our clients is unique. Our priority is to provide you with comfortable stay and as experts in the field, we feel it is our duty to fulfill the expectations of both purchaser and seller without conflicts of interest.
  • Professionalism: For over 20 years, NEIRA have been guiding and fostering business virtues of honor, competence and reliability, providing high-end service in:
    • Quality property transactions
    • Renting exceptional homes from our market
    • Management of fine properties

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